"I'm a sniper. Cool and bold. Precise and grand.

Aim well and shoot well. I'm a sniper. My range is out of this world.
You'll never see me. You are already my target."


1-5 Scarecrow Field




20 hearts




Fixing Clocks

A shady guy in a trench coat, stealthily follow behind him and he'll lead you to his hiding spot. Poor Boy can then kiss him by sneaking up behind him. His room has several clocks, pictures of Target and a bull's-eye with Target's picture attached. There is a metal brief case in which he most likely stores his other equipment.

After kissing him, he will dig up into your house and fix your alarm clock, letting you wake up at any time you want.

Note: You can just as easily wait for him near the tower, he'll arrive around 10:30.

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