The farmer of Scarecrow Field, he seems to be unable to speak but he can write. Scarecrow is, in fact, a person relegated to hopping or balancing on a lone stick and having sticks for arms, and does not much else but stand in the fields to ward off pests.

While he is awake, you can enter his house and read his diary which talks about Funny Bone Factory. Later, after Yamada has been mugged, talking to Iwata and looking through her telescope will prompt the appearance of a new page which talks about UFOs. During the Funny Bone Factory tour, you'll receive a letter to deliver to Scarecrow. Doing so reveals his real name and nets a kiss. Leave Scarecrow Field and return to find a new page added to his diary which mentions the combination to Funny Bone Factory's Vault.


  • Scarecrow is the only character in the game who not respond when you try to kiss him.