"What a fine night. Beautiful stars and a nice breeze.

The best time to take a walk."


828 Funny Bone Factory




20 hearts




Reading Books



Robot-King is man-sized toy robot complete with wind-up key. In his room, he sits on a throne which seems to be made out of toys. There is a red carpet on which two toy soldiers march in place.

Lure the Robot-King to the lower-left area. The Robot-King will stop at the edge of the grass. Move away so he's just in sight on the edge of the screen. He'll spin around and scan twice before going into Viva. Run to kiss him, since the window doesn't last that long.

Note: Robot-King is one of the most infuriating UR's to kiss as if, for whatever reason, you cannot kiss him, you must repeat the whole process of hiding in the factory again.


  • It is possible to kiss Robot-King after kissing Daniel at 564, going to 123, 321, and then 444. Then Box-Man can be kissed shortly after and one can rush back and go on to 564 to retrieve the "Boss Card". Unfortunately, travel between sections takes an hour so it is impossible to kiss Robot-King, Jigsaw, and Box-Man in succession.

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