"Are you a criminal?"

The Policeman (or commonly just referred to as Policeman) is  located at his police station, next to the train station. If you are out late at night (after 7pm) and he sees you, he will begin to fire at you, which can kill on early heart levels. He will not shoot however when he is walking, while his eyes are squinting.  He runs the lost and found at his station.

Any item(s) that you throw away are retrievable at the lost and found. You can also 'turn in' items yourself.

How to KissEdit

After Goro's arrest, Policeman wants to make another arrest. To get arrested you need to get three crime stamps. For the first stamp, go and buy cigarettes from the small stand in front of the train station and smoke them in front of Policeman. (Be mindful that smoking is harmful, and will do damage to your health!)

For your next stamp, go to the bathhouse and pay for a bath, but only undress. Sneak out by staying close to the counter as you exit. You may need to wait until morning after Policeman has woken up (at 7am) to get a stamp for this. While naked, speak to him for you second stamp.

For the third stamp take the spare key you get from Thief Tip Toe IV and use it on the safe in Julie's Bar. Take the hair pin and show it to Policeman and tell him you stole it.[[1]]


  • Policeman is 28 years old
  • He goes to bed at 3am and wakes up at 7am
  • He drinks 13 cans of Funny Cola a week
  • He is a patient of Dr. Dandy and suffers from toohs annaw ('wanna shoot' backwards).
  • The Love Interest is the only other character who can be seen avoiding Policeman (she backs out of his light).
  • His trigger-happy attitude is based on the policeman from the series Tensai Bakabon
  • When shot by Policeman, Poor Boy will take 8 points of damage.
  • Policeman's "lips" are actually a glitch formed from the inside of his mouth.

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