"Bananas♪ Falling down♪ Flamingoes are♪

Falling down♪ Flamingoes are♪ Very good♪"
Pinch Poncho


1-4 Long Life Town




4 hearts




Writing Letters



A man bouncing from foot-to-foot, he wears a poncho. While his back is turned, sneak up to him, but stop when he starts to turn around. The indicator that he's about to turn around is that he'll clap his hands, so stop moving when he claps. If he gets angry, back up and try again. He'll turn his back again if you move correctly but you must stop every time he turns to face you. When you reach him, you'll have the opportunity to kiss him.


  • He says "Gracias" upon being kissed.
  • There are ponchos, flags, and a tap floor in his room.
  • If you check your mailbox the day after you kiss him, there will be a letter saying:"Dear Poor Boy, It was nice meeting you. I've decided to leave for Peru. Good luck to the both of us. Pinch Poncho." and will restore your health.

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