Mr. Yamada (full name Dan Yamada) is an important character in the game Chulip. He is one of the teachers met throughout the game, and is considered to be the second most important to the main story, second to Mr. Suzuki.

Role in the plot Edit

When the students started refusing to attend the school, it lost money from the tuition fees. Because of this, Mr. Suzuki could not afford to pay the other teachers, Mr. Yamada being one of them. Suzuki and Yamada meet in the park one day, the latter saying that if he is not paid by the end of the month, he will quit working for the school. Suzuki tries to explain that he can't pay, but Mr. Yamada does not listen to him and runs away. Later, Suzuki and Yamada meet on the train tracks. Yamada steals the Love Letter Set from Suzuki, and Mr. Yamada runs away, kicking the rock off the tracks in the process. Afterward, Mr. Yamada is shown at Worldly Desire Temple, where he is going to talk to Monk Hoichi. However, before he can reach the temple, the three other teachers are waiting for him, and start ganging up on him, stealing the individual parts of the letter set.