The protagonist of Chulip. As he and his father become acquainted with their new home in Long Life Town, he encounters the girl of his dreams. Soon after, he sets his mind on one day kissing her. He is 12 during the events of the game, and weighs 122 pounds.</span>


Being fairly plain in appearance, he is a fair-skinned boy with black hair, cut shortly. He dawns the typical attire of a Japanese middle-school student, consisting of a black Gakuran (学ラン), having gold buttons and a matching cap, with a pair of brown penny loafers. He is always seen carrying a white satchel, with which he holds items. 

He dreams of kissing a girl, realizing that girl is the same one in his new town. Pursuing his dream, he falls in love, making the whole objective of the game to kiss the Love Interest. Upon an initial attempt at a kiss, he is slapped and rejected. For her to accept his kiss, he must improve his reputation as a poor boy and strengthen his heart by kissing the other residents of Long Life Town. 

Character pose sketches

Leveling UpEdit

Each time you kiss the required number of people, going to sleep will prompt the Lover's Tree to grant you extra hearts and change your title.

  • Level 1 "Poor Boy" - Default
  • Level 2 "Hard Worker" (+3 Hearts) - Kiss Onion Lady
  • Level 3 "Pompous Boy" (+4 Hearts) - 2 Kisses
  • Level 4 "Bragger Boy" (+5 Hearts) - 3 Kisses
  • Level 5 "Bad Teenager (+7 Hearts) - 4 Kisses
  • Level 6 "Handsome Boy" (+8 Hearts) - 5 Kisses
  • Level 7 "Ladykiller" (+13 Hearts) - 6 Kisses
  • Level 8 "Player" (+15 Hearts) - 7 Kisses
  • Level 9 "Frisky Man" (+18 Hearts) - 8 Kisses
  • Level 10 "Big Shot" (+21 Hearts) - 14 Kisses

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