Chulip love interest

The daughter of Julie and Goro, who ran away from home after their constant fights.

She is hiding out in an empty lot that belongs to Mr. Cheapot, and sleeps in a pipe that she painted from the inside. She is an outspoken and confident girl, who desires independence from her family. She is fond of astronomy and carries a telescope with her, and is seen using it at night before she goes to sleep, looking for a shooting star. She also likes cats. If you show her the cards of the other residents, it is apparent she knows a lot of gossip. Her card is white, with a pink ribbon on.

The Main boy dreams of her and then falls for her when he sees her. But he is, as she puts it, "not her type", and has to better his reputation by solving the Love Letter Set incident and kissing residents and underground residents. If he is successful, she will kiss him under the Lover's Tree at the end of the game.


  • If you offer her a sweet potato, she becomes wistful and tells you she'd love to eat her father's sweet potatoes again.
  • Cards
    • If you show her Batayan's card, she will tell you a bit about his backstory.
    • If you show her Policeman's card, she will give you a hint about how to get his kiss.
    • When you present her Julie's picture, she will mention a nightmare about her mother being in a trial defending herself against chicken, and how she is sad that nobody likes her mom's grilled chicken.
    • When shown Goro's card, she will mention that she dislikes her father for being so weak.
    • When shown Mr. Cheapot's card, she says how nice he is for letting her stay on the empty lot without complaining.
    • Leo's Card - She mentions he studied in England and if he invited you to his tea party yet (implying she's been there before)
    • Michelle's card - She will call her annoying.
  • If you show her the frog, she will be startled and yell.