Long Life Town is the main location in Chulip, serving as a hub world, granting access to all other areas (except for Funny Bone City). It is home to the game's main protagonist, the Main boy, as well as The Girl of Your Dreams, Mr. Suzuki, and many others. It is portrayed as somewhat shabby, japenese-styled city. In total, it has a total of 39 residents, 11 of them being above-ground, and 28 being underground.

Areas Edit

District 3 Edit

District 3, despite its name, is actually the first area visited in the entire game. It contains the Yabu Hospital, Mr. Cheapot's shop, and is also home to the Main boy and his Dad. It connects to District 1 as well as Undasura Park. Technically speaking, this means that District 3 is the most important area in the game.

District 1 Edit

District 1 is left of District 3, serving as an also important area, hosting the Train Station, Policeman, and connects to the vista where Lover's Tree is located. Mrs. Plum runs a shop here, however, unlike Mr. Cheapot's shop, it sells snacks and candy instead of "junk". In addition, items cannot be sold the snack shop.

Undasurada Park Edit

Undasura Park is to the right of District 3, and, as the name implies, is a park, containing a slide, a spinning globe, and a swingset, each dealing a fair amount of heartache, and is likely to cause a Game Over, should the player enter it with low health. There are only three underground residents here, Yodzilla, Chopper, and Jamtrack 415. It also serves at the penultimate area in the game, leading to the Underground Maze once the "Good Love Letter" has been written.

Lover's Tree Vista Edit

Lover's Tree Vista is the final area visited in Chulip, where the poor boy and The Girl of Your Dreams finally kiss once the Underground Maze has been successfully cleared. It can be visited before then at the leftmost part of District 1, though nothing will actually happen.

Residents Edit

Above-Ground Edit

Underground Edit

Note: * signifies that the resident is not kissed.