Eggplant Boy


Worldly Desire Temple




10 hearts


260z, Ishikawa Film

Eggplant boy is an underground resident of Worldly Desire Temple.

How to KissEdit

To get Eggplant Boy's kiss, you need a goodeggplant. Buy veggie seeds from Mr.Cheapot. Go to Scarecrow Field and plant the seeds in the middle of field near the vegetable stand (located in the top right of Scarecrow Field). Go to Worldy Desire Temple, near the stump that Bell chops wood. Eggplant Boy will appear from 8:00pm to 9:30pm. Eat the goodeggplant near him, and he will be happy.

  • Michelle's kiss requires a goodeggplant as well, so you may want to buy and plant 2 sets of seeds to save yourself a trip.

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