Dr dandy

Dr. Dandy (37 years old) is the doctor of Long Life Town. He works at the Yabu Hospital, which is just west of your house. He often sleeps in the morning due to a type of insomnia he has called ainmosni. He is first seen in the game talking to Michelle.

If you stay up past 1:30am he will leave his house during the night holding that big needle. If you talk to him he will say, "Blood donation! Blood donation!" and ask if you want to donate your blood. His syringe will do 20 hearts of damage, killing you if you are at a low level.

How to KissEdit

You need to make a heart potion (formula with specific item names on Dr. Dandy's desk) to kiss him. The potion consists of three items: the rare frog (blue dot), the rare cicada (sleepicada), and a popsicle. The frog is found in the trash can behind Worldly Desire Temple. The cicada is found in the trash can next to Batayan's place. The popsicle can be bought from Mrs. Plum at the snack shop. You can check with Leo (frog), Batayan (cicada), and Mrs. Plum to see if you have the proper items. Once you have all the proper items, go to the hospital and wait until night when Dr. Dandy comes out. Sneak past him into the hospital, use the three items on the machine you will get a Heart Potion. If you get the Heart Breaker potion, however, you didn't use the proper items. With the Heart Potion, go back outside and confront Dandy. Let him take your blood, then use the Heart Potion on him, and he will reward you with a kiss. [[1]

Note: If the above locations give you trouble, frogs can also be commonly found in the trash can next to Julie's, and cicadas can also be found in park trash can. 


  • Dr. Dandy may be dyslexic as he spells the names of diseases backwards.
  • If you refuse to donate to Dr. Dandy, he will ask your blood type. There is a 1-in-4 chance that he will disapprove of the type you choose and walk away rather than attacking you.
  • The chance of him refusing your blood increases depending on which path he takes. If toward your house, choose B. If toward the big dumpster, choose A. If toward the Empty Lot, choose O. If near Mr. Cheapot's store, choose AB.
  • As Mr. Cheapot points out, he does not ask money from his patients and will see you for free.