Conductor is a resident of Longlife Town. He opperates the trains between Longlife Town, Worldly Desire Temple, Funny Bone Factory and Scarecrow Field. He keeps a cigarrette in his mouth at all times.

He is first seen with Policeman, overlooking the boulder that blocks the trainrails.

He has been a conductor for 20 years.

How to KissEdit

To kiss Conductor, the only requirement is to ride all of the trains. This means:

  • Riding to Worldly Desire Temple (WDT)
  • Riding to Funny Bone City from WDT (This requires buying a ticket from the blue box up the platform; tickets are 300z and the FBC train boards nearby the box)

    Sketches of various character designs of Conductor

  • Riding to Scarecrow Field

After each railway has been rode, he will kiss you automatically.

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