Some items serve either one or no purpose and can only be sold to Mr. Cheapot.


Each of the four Alien Dictionaries only serve the one purpose in the story, but remain in Poor Boy's inventory.


  • Refrigerator 580z - Can be used once for an event
  • Tire
  • Tea Pot 250z
  • Broken Telescope 300z
  • Frying Pan 150z
  • Poopie 1z
  • Big Poopie 2z
  • Huge Poopie 3z
  • Golden Poopie
  • Dead Cicada 1z - Sleepicada can be used to make Heart Potion*
  • Frog 1z - Sleep Frog can be used to make Heart Potion*
  • Funny Cola 100z - Can be used once for an event*
  • Heart Breaker* 1z

Note: The items marked with an (*) can be eaten, but each damages Poor Boy.


Each of the four films purchasable from Mr. Cheapot can be viewed at Goro's. The only way to dispose of them is to sell them back to Mr. Cheapot.

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