Your FamilyEdit

Long Life TownEdit

Scarecrow FieldEdit

Worldly Desire TempleEdit

Funny Bone CityEdit

Underground ResidentsEdit

Long Life Town - Residential

Long Life Town - Undasura Park

Long Life Town - Business

Worldly Desire Temple - Cemetery

Worldly Desire Temple

Scarecrow Field

Funny Bone City


  • Mr. Suzuki, Michio (45) - Your Love Guru
  • Mr. Yamada, Dan (39) - Steals "Love Letter Set"
  • Mr. Inoue, Saburomaru (75) - Steals "Love Ink"
  • Mr. Saito, Junichi (35) - Steals "Love Paper"
  • Mrs. Iwata, Sayuri (21) - Steals "Love Fountain Pen"

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