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After Yamada has been mugged, travel to Scarecrow Field and talk to Iwata about UFOs. Return to Long Life Town and look through her telescope. Return to Scarecrow Field and you'll find an astronaut in a bubbly orange suit. He says a whole lot of weird stuff, seemingly using random words to create an alien language. Use Alien Dictionary 1-4, acquired by different means throughout the game (the easiest of which is bought from Mr. Cheapot), at the Monkey Rock in order to understand him. He needs four items to create a signal device. At night, he'll attempt to send the signal, but doesn't have a device onto which he can program the template for his signal. When Poor Boy presents the item he needs, he allows him to take over the programming process. If you have planted Star Seeds in the wide area of the Free Vegetable farm, you'll have seen an array of flowers that sprout up in the order you need to program the signal. Once the proper signal is sent, the alien's ship will arrive, he'll kiss you, pick up his crashed ship, and destroy the Monkey Rock, allowing you to reach the Space Banana in the alcove behind it.


  • The items you need for his device are a "Computer" from Mr. Cheapot, a "Frying Pan", and a "Refrigerator". You'll need a can of "Funny Cola" for his signal.
  • The Alien makes an appearance early in the morning. As he's not wearing his suit, you may not recognize him. He also appears in Long Life Town in the corridor between District 1 and District 3.